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Birth Preparation Classes


What would you like to know about becoming parents?
We offer you four sessions to help you to step into this new part of life. With two or three other couples you'll spend two hours each class to get prepared for this very special event. This course will be a time to learn, a time to share, a time to ask, a time to think about.



1st Class:

Pregnancy: what's going on? Physically. Psychologically.
What do I know about labor? Contractions and delivery?
- breathing and relaxation techniques,
- labor positions.

2d Class:

Visit to the Maternity.
Medical help if needed: pain killers, epidural analgesia, instrumental delivery, caesarean section.
- delivery positons.

3d Class:

How are we going to feed our newborn?
Physiology and breastfeeding basics. Alternatives.
- breastfeeding positions.

4th Class:

After birth...
Mother and baby care.
- setting of childcare. 



These classes take place at Centre Sages-Femmes on Fridays' evenings from 6 to 8 PM.
The fees are 300.- CHF (the basic insurance will bear the costs of 150 CHF).
Private courses are also available. 


Gislaine Rochat Genton

+41 79 660 79 00

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